How are jobs allocated?

It’s really simple, lets say you receive an alert for a suitable job you could cover. You’ll be provided with a link to register for the job (No sign in required) via sms or email & you just need to register your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) from your location to the collection location provided (Postcode) In minutes.

You’ll be able to add additional comments on your bid (Which we will take into consideration), for example, If you’re requesting a higher payment for the job due to excess mileage etc.

You may also receive automatic phone calls for specific jobs that need covering, this Is useful when you’re driving & If you accept the call, you’ll be passed through to our allocation team.Keep In mind, you will be registering your interest along with other local members in your area, so while there is no guarantee you will be allocated every job you register for, speed is of the essence, so those who register quickly tend to have the most regular success.

We try to keep allocations decisions fair, we base our decision on allocation on the fastest ETA, vehicle size & asking for their standard membership payrate.

If we decide you’re the best response for the job, we’ll always call you to confirm the details / pay for the job & send all the details to your email for reference.