Trade Rates – Save 40% on your Courier Costs

Courier Expert are now offering the option to get access to Courier ‘Trade Rates’, by dealing directly with our Network Members. You can invite instant bids for your work or quickly find a courier to cover your same day deliveries, simply by logging into our virtual transport hub.

  • Invite Instant Bids – Our system sends your potential delivery out to all couriers within 50 miles of the collection and delivery postcode.
  • Transparent System – Couriers see each others bids and compete for your delivery.
  • Phone the Courier – You can call and confirm availability before accepting a bid.
  • Find a Courier – As an alternative to posting a job, search our database for an available courier and offer your delivery to them.
  • Fast Communication – Once you allocate your delivery, the network member receives an instant text message and email, confirming job details and agreed price.
  • Online GOB & POD System – The sub-contractor enters GOB & POD details on their mobile phone browser, updating the system and automatically sending you a confirmation email.
  • Tried & Tested – Our network members have been successfully carrying out our deliveries for 3 years, the system works for us, we believe it will work for you too 🙂

Ok, i want to give it a try – how do I start?

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