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Discover the Secrets to Finding & Keeping Customers for Your Courier Business… It’s all revealed in our stage 2 courier guide ‘Marketing for Couriers’

We can show you how to make a success of your Courier Business, by revealing insider courier marketing secrets that actually work!

Marketing for Couriers cover. Guide for obtaining courier work and more customers

  • Start gaining your own customers, instead of acting as a sub-contractor
  • Discover how to get as many customers as you’d like
  • Discover the “hidden” marketing secrets used by successful courier companies including our own.
  • Learn courier marketing secrets that have already been tested and proven to actually work.
  • Discover how to increase your business & destroy the competition

Well, that’s exactly what’s inside our 60-page, 20,000-word “Marketing for Couriers” guide.

The Courier Marketing Guide, entitled “Marketing for Couriers – The Road to Success” is an easy to follow, hands-on guide that does exactly what the title suggests – it will show you, in detail, how to get as many customers as you want, for your courier business.

The guide will show you where these customers are, how to approach them, what to say, how to make your courier business appeal to them, and much more. It shows you the exact marketing strategies that we have used to grow our courier business and obtain more courier work. It’s honest, it’s REAL, and it’s full of proven strategies that simply work. Strategies that are simple to put into practice, and devastatingly effective.

But…. This isn’t for all couriers

There’s a reason we don’t recommend this to new starters… we recommend this to couriers that have read our Courier Expert Guide (or existing couriers) who have actually put the wheels of a courier business in motion. This Courier Marketing Guide is the next logical step – it’s the road-map to help you get from Self-Employed Courier to “Courier Company Owner”.

This is THE definitive guide for marketing your courier business. If you want to grow, you NEED this guide.

Listen very carefully – the courier business is such that if you can deliver one package for one client, you can manage 100 packages for 100 clients just as easily. If you have one vehicle, you can have 10. The actual “work” isn’t much different.

What IS different is how you market. It does not matter how good of an operations manager you are, or even how good a courier you are. If you don’t market properly, you will not grow the way you want to or obtain more courier work. There’s plenty of competition out there. But if you CAN market effectively? The sky is the limit. You can go from “one person, one car, one package” to having several large clients in a very, very short time.

That’s exactly what you will learn by reading “Marketing for Couriers – The Road to Success!”

This is no booklet, either – it’s 60 pages and almost 20,000 words – it’s hard-hitting, pointed information that you can use RIGHT AWAY.

Let Andy Stephens answer a HUGE question

Q – Andy, why not just offer this Courier Marketing Book instead of the original Courier Expert Guide?

A – Because, in plain terms, new Couriers are not ready for information like this. This information is meant specifically for those who are already established self employed couriers, and are now ready to take on MORE (and better) clients. The Courier Expert Guide is aimed at those who wish to be a sub-contractor for other courier companies.

Also, if we gave this information to people with NO courier experience, they would not be ready for the kind of business that the strategies in this guide will bring. It would be like entering someone in a Grand Prix race before they even knew how to drive. It would simply make no sense.

But for people who already have taken that first step… THIS is what you have been waiting for. This guide assumes you already have a vehicle, have insurance, already know how to operate a courier service and obtain courier work on a sub-contract basis.

For people like that, “Marketing for Couriers – The Road to Success!” is going to turn on the customer tap, and could literally flood you with business, if you follow the advice given. These are the SAME strategies I have used myself – there’s no need for trial and error – everything has already been tested and “Andy Approved” – I KNOW this stuff works, and works well.

Simply put, if you have a Courier Business, and want MORE customers, you MUST HAVE “Marketing for Couriers – The Road to Success!”.

Besides becoming a courier in the first place, it’ll be the best move you make all year.

This guide Is not available for purchase, It Is however included with our membership

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