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Membership Benefits

Why should you become a member?

Direct Work

Work found on our platform Is generated interally, you'll have instant access to work booked by our own established client base.

Job Alerts

Receive alerts via SMS, email & automated phone call for available work booked within a 50 mile radius of your location, directly apply and potentially cover.

No Bidding

No competition between other couriers, members will receive a guaranteed minimum rate of 60% based on the value of the booking.

How are jobs allocated?

It's really simple, lets say you receive an alert for a suitable job you could cover. You'll be provided with a link to register for the job (No sign in required) via sms or email & you just need to register your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) from your location to the collection location provided (Postcode) In minutes. You'll be able to add additional comments on your bid (Which we will take into consideration), for example, If you're requesting a higher payment for the job due to excess mileage etc. You may also receive automatic phone calls for specific jobs that need covering, this Is useful when you're driving & If you accept the call, you'll be passed through to our allocation team. Keep In mind, you will be registering your interest along with other local members in your area, so while there is no guarantee you will be allocated every job you register for, speed is of the essence, so those who register quickly tend to have the most regular success. We try to keep allocations decisions fair, we base our decision on allocation on the fastest ETA, vehicle size & asking for their standard membership payrate. If we decide you're the best response for the job, we'll always call you to confirm the details / pay for the job & send all the details to your email for reference.
Membership Requirements

What documents are required?

Photo Licence

You will need to provide photo ID e.g. driver's licence or passport.

Car or van

You will need your own vehicle to cover our work. Use your existing hatchback car or van up to Sprinter/Transits.

Goods In Transit

Some of our work involves transporting high value goods, you must have your own goods in transit insurance up to £10,000 cover to qualify (Optional) for the additional loads.


Is Goods In Transit Required?

You don't need to have Goods In Transit Insurance In order to join as a member, we have our own policy which will cover you up to the value of £1000 If you are unable to produce your own policy, limited to our own work. However, the trade off Is that you will be restricted from covering work where your own Goods In Transit Insurance Is required, we refer to these as Level 2 jobs. Goods in transit insurance covers goods against loss or damage while being moved from one place to another, these goods can be carried by individuals in their own vehicle, self-employed drivers or by third party carriers. We recommend Goods In Transit Insurance In order to get the most out of our platform, but If you decide to get the insurance at a later stage, send us your policy schedule and we'll remove the barrier for Level 2 jobs free of charge. As a self employed courier, it is your own responsibility to insure yourself for the purpose of using your own vehicle as a courier.
Work Volume

Is there work In my area?

Recent Work

It Is recommended to view our recent work map below to get a better idea of the volume we receive In different areas across mainland UK. Keep In mind, some areas are much busier than others, this Is simply due to demand.
Pay Rates

What rates are we offering?

Couriers Potential Earnings

We have developed our own pricing matrix for all areas across mainland UK, so pay rates are bound to vary In different areas. One aspect that will stay the same Is you membership pay rate, just by registering interest In work, you'll get 60% of booking value as a minimum, no bidding.

Use Calculator
  • Get 60% of booking value as standard
  • Potential return journey opportunities
  • Based on real life examples
  • From cars to large vans
Members App

The Courier Expert Driver's App

Tracking Based Alerts

If you're on the move, you'll receive job alerts for work we book In different areas across mainland UK.

Map & Job List

You'll be able to view/apply work via a map and filter the job list to your preference.

Straightforward Invoicing

You can submit invoices quickly after completing a job, check the progress of payment and view historic invoices.

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