Upgrade or Switch your Membership….

Upgrading to Level 2 (Monthly Or Lifetime)

If you would like to remove the barrier from level 2 jobs and to increase your default payrate to 60% (If It Is set at a lower rate), please email your Goods In Transit insurance policy to docs@courierexpert.co.uk. We will review the documents and update you via email when approved (No payment required).

All upgrades will be subject to our new monthly payment plan: £10 + VAT per month for anyone previously on weekly plan. We will change your direct debit schedule accordingly once your Goods In Transit Insurance has been approved.

Please use the following link to send your email: docs@courierexpert.co.uk

Upgrading from Monthly to Lifetime

If you want to switch from Monthly to Lifetime, you will need to register again here but you can receive 25% off the joining price by using the following promotional code at the checkout: CEUpgradeToLifetime

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