Wanted self employed Couriers in Liverpool!

Here at Courier Expert we are looking for reliable self employed couriers from Liverpool and surrounding areas to join our courier network, to keep up with our growing customer demands. You need to have a smart appearance and your own vehicle, which should be reliable, well maintained and clean. All vehicle types are welcome, as load sizes vary and we always aim to offer our customer the most economical vehicle to fit their load.

Our membership team offers support to new and existing members. They check documents, set up new members and deal with all queries to do with membership and being a self employed courier. While our courier controller team offers courier work, and communicates with drivers, while they are on the road.

A recent Example of courier work from Liverpool:

  • Due to the large size of this load our self employed courier driver used his extra large van. He collected electrical equipment and cabling from a warehouse in Liverpool, delivering to another warehouse to meet a¬†deadline. He was also able to pick up a partial return load.
    • One way loaded: ¬£135.30
    • Partial return load: ¬£40
    • Total Earnings: ¬£175.30

Find out about all the benefits of becoming a member with Courier Expert and join our courier network now!

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