Courier Network

A courier network is normally a group of small independent courier companies or individual self employed couriers, that work together in some way. This allows them as a whole, to operate a national service. Working as part of one or more courier networks, can greatly increase the amount of work you can obtain and also makes obtaining backloads a far simpler process.

Courier work is normally gained by bidding on the jobs, or receiving a call directly, when a job is available in your area and is suitable for your vehicle. Backloads can be obtained in a similar way. Payment is usually made by the courier company that offers the work, but occasionally, payment may be made directly by the customer.

The advantages of joining a courier network depends on the network you join. Some courier networks are more focused on obtaining work for you. Other courier networks are more focused on putting you in touch with other courier companies, on an individual job basis.

Some of the advantages of joining a courier network can include:

  • Obtain work from other courier companies
  • Easy access to backloads
  • Obtain work, no matter where you are in the UK
  • Create partnerships with other courier companies
  • Instant work alerts
  • Access to computer systems, for pods, invoicing etc
  • Special insurance rates for goods in transit
  • An agreed national mileage rate
  • Support and information
  • Payments taken on your behalf
  • Access to specialist transport
  • Ability to always be able to cover a job
  • Access to courier forums
  • Access to documentation
  • Access to a fuel card

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